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~*♥*~My Happy Home~*♥*~

The Enchanted Neighborhood

My Happy Home
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Your home is your sanctuary

~Being a homemaker is not just about 'keeping house' , it is also about creating a haven for yourself and your family. A true home is a place to retreat and rest from the pressures of the hectic outside world.~

"Homemaking is a creative act, a work of art in progress. We buy our food, clothing, shelter, and health care rather than viewing what sustains our lives as integral creative acts. By being consumers instead of creators, we buy instead of do, accepting the creations of others instead of exploring and expressing our own values and creativity."


There are certain things that make my house feel like home:

~ Morning sunlight in the kitchen, open windows with sheer curtains waving in the breeze
~ Candles
~ Flowers on the table
~ Soft glow of lamps at night
~ Smell of coffee, or cookies in the oven or soup simmering on the stove
~ Sounds of my kids & their friends laughing and chatting, the comforting sound of the tv coming from the den as my husband falls asleep on the couch after a hard day of work, the lovely racket of family and friends spilling in the door , carrying a casserole big enough to feed family and friends to the table and yelling "Watch out! It's hot!"
~ Snuggling under a blanket as I watch a movie with my family and one of our fat cats sleeping on the top of the couch behind my head.
~ Folding clean towels straight from the dryer especially if I remembered to use scented dryer sheets, or bedsheets from the clothesline
~ A crackling fire on a cold and rainy day
~My recent favorite books stacked on the coffee table
~The sound of our windchimes on the patio

Tell us what makes your house feel like home!

When you join would you please introduce yourself by filling out the following Questionnaire
and posting it. Thanks!

~ Membership Questionnaire ~

My name is (you can use your real name or the name you want to be referred to as) :

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Tell us a little bit about your home, is it a condo, apt, house, mobile home, yurt,etc :

My decorating style is :

How many children and/or pets:

Something domestic I could use help with:

My favorite "guilty pleasure" is:

My favorite domestic activity is:

My least favorite domestic chore is:

I found this community through (referral from member, community promo, random, etc.):

Please list any special talents or interests:

*Also it would be wonderful if you could post a pic either of yourself ( so we can have a face to go with the name) and/or a pic of your home or anything else you would like to share. Everyone enjoys pictures!!

* Do NOT post promos to join other communties. There is a community elsewhere to do that. All promos posted here will be deleted.
* Hopefully we are all adults here so let's play nice.
* We encourage everyone to post photos, but if you have more then one please put the rest behind a cut.
* By posting pictures of your home, you are welcoming others to make comments. However, rude comments are not welcome, and could result in a ban of your membership. We want our members to feel free to post pics without snarky comments.
* If you are unsure if your post is allowable here please ask first.

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