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My Christmas tree and humble home

I wanted to post my Christmas decorations, just like sweetcharity ! I went very simple this year, in an attempt to keep the house from looking too modern.

This is the foyer of the house, so I put a small tree there to welcome the guests before they get to the 8ft Frasier fir.

The 8' fir doesn't seem too big in the house in this picture, probably because our ceilings are 10' or more. I decorated the tree with handmade ornaments from old Christmas cards and with "wish-tags". The wish-tags are little wishes that my husband and I have for each of the special people in our lives.

Between the Christmas decorations, the Christmas cards, special crafts (like cookies and rum cream), I am bushed! Happy Holidays!
While redecorating for Christmas, my husband and I discovered some extremely old photos in the back of the dresser we were given by a friend. The dresser is very old and beautiful; we gauged it at probably 70 or 80 years old, but now we think it may be more like 100-150 years old.
pictures and more history under the cut...Collapse )

What this tells me is that the dresser is closer to 150 years old than 80 years old. AND WE GOT IT FOR FREE. I intend to find out any information our friend--who graciously gave it to us--has on it. We've moved it into the downstairs hallway, the entrance way basically, to help add to the feeling of age in our home.

Between the dresser, the photos, the sconces, the dining table, my book collection, and the actual house, our space is really starting to feel like layers and layers of history. I just can't believe it. I always wanted to be a part of a narrative that spans beyond the 20th century, and now I feel like I'm on my way.

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Christmas Homes

I know it's a bit early, but I really have Christmas on the brain today :) As I was wandering around the web looking for ideas I came across this little gem and thought I'd share it here.Boo Mama' Christmas Tour Of Homes . Hundred of pictures of beautifully decorated homes! I think some of you may enjoy it as much as I have :)


Newbie In Town.

My name is:
Dani, but go by fishman or whatever in between. :) 

My age is:
27( I feel old ) :-P

I live in (state or country if not in the US):
Tampa, Florida and I just love it here. Originally from Texas.

My relationship status is (married, single, taken, etc.):
In a relationship for the past 2 years. So far so good.

Tell us a little bit about your home, is it a condo, apt, house, mobile home, yurt,etc :
This house was originally my brother-in-laws house back when he was in the Air Force. But then he moved and sold it, the guy he sold the house to gutted it, trashed it, and basically left it for dead. Somehow(and I don't know how) it got back into my BIL's possession and then he rented it out. Well the renter turned out to be a deadbeat and never paid a dime of rent(1300 a month). The house was on the verge of foreclosure and then we stepped in. We evicted the renter and now its in our possession for the time being.
It's a 1950's built 3 bedroom 1 bath house(yeah I know 1 bath,omg) with a 1 car garage. The house is a disaster.We had to come in and gut the kitchen(so I have no kitchen whatsoever). And there's no carpeting in the house nor any floor coverings. It's a shell basically and needs allot of work(and I do mean allot).

My decorating style is :
Industrial, modern.

How many children and/or pets:
1 cat(fozzy), 1 betta fish for the time being(I'm a tropical fish hobbyist)

Something domestic I could use help with:
House renovation work. I have NO clue whatsoever. I've never done it before.

My favorite "guilty pleasure" is:
Cheesecake. I'm a sucker for good cheesecake.

My favorite domestic activity is:
Cleaning. I like to have a clean house.

My least favorite domestic chore is:
Mopping the floors. I can do other types of cleaning but when it comes to the floors..noooooooooo thanks.

I found this community through (referral from member, community promo, random, etc.):
Actually I was browsing groups and looking for a group with substance and meaning and really liked the feel of this group.

Please list any special talents or interests:
Tropical fish hobbyist, artist, gardening, special talent is that I have no patience for anything actually. :-P
If you know any woman currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - 1 time per month for 4 months while she is in treatment.


All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners.

Oct. 30th, 2009

For those of you who haven't bought your Halloween candy yet, may I recommend a list of union made candy? Hershey's is one of my favorites and I never knew it was union! http://www.unionplus.org/union-made/halloween-treats

Current goals.........

wackdaddy and I have unfinished projects around the house. Our LR only has two completely finished walls, one of the other walls has the base coat (behind the entertainment center I cannot move) but not the top coat, and the window wall needs to be changed from beige to pale yellow plus the top coat added.

We painted our DR red almost three years ago just after we moved in here and just before Christmas. It looks great with our almost white dining room set. But, we have a coppery faux finish that is supposed to go over it. I am working on getting it completed before this Christmas. Actually I am planning on doing it this weekend. John gutted the bathroom that was in my fathers' room, all but the walk in shower. The walls had mold on them so they had to get ripped out, and replaced and plastered. As soon as I paint the walls the decorator color, he can put down the new tile floor, and then install the sink, vanity and new toilet bowl.

I have been waiting so long to post some pictures of the work we've done, perhaps we'll get to posting before the year is out. We did finish the main bathroom in the house. As I've mentioned previously, the house is 45 years old and did need quite a bit of repair and updating. The house looked great when we bought it, but slowly but surely you find things that are just not up to snuff, like mold in bathrooms, broken tiles etc.

So much to do...

My husband and I bought our first home and we moved in about early June.
We have all the big stuff done.
But, I am feeling very intimidated by the flurry of little stuff that has to get done.
Does anyone have any pointers for dealing with that feeling and getting the motivation going?

wonderful pork chop marinade recipe

pork chops are always a favorite here. i mixed up the seasoning since my herb garden is big enough for me to start nipping at my plants.

recipe and pictures under the cut...Collapse )



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